Heinrich L. Thäter GmbH handmade shaving brushes since 1913
Heinrich L. Thäter GmbH                                                  handmade shaving brushes                                                                                                                                         since 1913


Heinrich L. Thäter is one of the oldest shaving brush manufacturers

in the world. We have been making hand-bound shaving brushes

in the traditional way since 1913.



Each  single shaving brush is a "unique work of art" for connoisseurs and individualists, far from today's mainstream. Arts and crafts paired with over a hundred years of experience.


Thäter’s Philosophy: “small but excellent”

In the face of globalization, we trust in the traditional way of making shaving brushes and  only use traditional handicraft machines (e.g. pinking shears, mechanical combs). Thanks to the pure craftsmanship, we are able to offer the greatest possible variety of diameters and visible hair lengths of the brush heads, which are adapted to the size of the brush handles.

Thäter guarantees real, honest handiwork, worth the price. Since we cannot manufacture all parts of a shaving brush ourselves, we have to buy some additionals. We pay particular attention to sustainability. That's why we buy these parts regionally, in Germany or in Europe.

Thank you for your interest. We cordially invite you to take a walk through our product range.




              "Times are changing, quality remains the same"

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